Cottage Grove Baby Portrait Photographer

By Anya Wait | June 7, 2013

Check out sweet baby Sydney! We had so much fun at her session. There were balloons, cows, teddy bears, and yes, even crying. Because the reality of babies is — they are who they are. And I love every single bit of them, tears and all! ♥

Janesville Wisconsin Newborn Photographer

By Anya Wait | June 3, 2013

Meet sweet baby Emma and her equally sweet big sister Presley. I am so excited that I get to spend the entire year photographing these girls and their amazing family! I can’t wait to see if Emily keeps showing me her kissy face at every session. Smooch ♥

Evansville Wisconsin Baby Portrait Photographer

By Anya Wait | May 31, 2013

Morgan is 6 months! Well, quite frankly, she is almost a year old now … except I am behind in blogging so we are all going to just pretend she is still 6 months 😉 It is amazing how time flies when you are super cute and smiley! I can’t wait to photograph your one year session in July, sweet baby girl! ♥

One Year Cake Smash Wisconsin Baby Portraits

By Anya Wait | May 28, 2013

I have been photographing sweet Owen since he was inside his mama’s belly. It was so bittersweet (yet awesomely fun) to watch him celebrate being one!

Madison Wisconsin Portrait Photographer

By Anya Wait | May 27, 2013

From belly to baby (see post below). Sweet, beautiful, baby Gigi. She was a squish and a half. Check out those sqeezable chubby cheeks 😉

Pregnancy Photographer Madison Wisconsin

By Anya Wait | May 21, 2013

Remember when we had snow? Yeah, me neither. Well sometimes people wonder if I take portraits in the winter time. And the answer is YES! Actually I love to photograph in the snow. I also love to photograph in the sun, in the shade, in a moat, on a boat, with a goat… you get the idea. Meet baby Gigi. Before she was born.

newborn portrait photographer madison wisconsin | sweet baby james

By Anya Wait | May 11, 2013

What? And actual blog post? Am I dreaming??? No, you are not. My blog has been sadly neglected over the past couple of months as I have photographed so many of Madison, Wisconsin’s newest residents! Meet sweet baby James and his gorgeous family.

madison wisconsin newborn and family photographer

By Anya Wait | March 5, 2013

Since Mother Nature seems to be a little confused about our desire for WARM weather — not more snow, I figured I would post a newborn session from this past summer. Just so we could all remember what it was like, you know, back in the day, to go outside without a parka. Happy families = happy babies! and just for fun … a little something different:

madison wisconsin and baltimore maryland newborn photographer

By Anya Wait | February 28, 2013

Looking through past blog posts I cannot believe I forgot to post my most awesome post- Turkey Day baby! This little man had quite a slew of visitors travel from Baltimore to welcome him into the family. And I was the lucky girl who was hired to document their love. Yay! Can you feel the love? With grandma plus mommy and daddy: With auntie plus mommy and daddy: In daddy’s arms: Hello world! G’night world!

fort atkinson wisconsin photographer

By Anya Wait | February 22, 2013

One question I get asked a lot in contact emails is, “Do you travel beyond Madison to photograph newborns/babies/families?” The answer is yes! I travel to photograph sweet wee ones all over Wisconsin, Illinois, and even as far as California 😉 Meet sweet baby Levi from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. I can only imagine how much he has grown since these images were taken, and I cannot wait for the opportunity to photograph him again.