Madison Wisconsin Pregnancy Portraits

By Anya Wait | February 15, 2014

While I often post a large selection of images from a session, I felt these images deserved their own space. Just them. Stunning mama on a rainy summer Wisconsin evening. We battled mosquitoes, mud, and rain. And it was beautiful.

Madison Wisconsin Birth Photographer | True Love

By Anya Wait | February 14, 2014

Check me out, I am blogging again! It is my goal to get through all of 2013 images and into 2014 in the next two months. Holy cow, that’s a lot of blogging. Welcome to one of the best nights of my life. The honor of documenting (and essentially being the only midwife there – yay fast births) the birth of beautiful Arwen Skye into her family. She is obviously very loved ♥ PS — that’s me in the last image. Because apparently I am a full service birth photographer and like to diaper, swaddle, and cuddle before I leave 😉

Newborn Portraits Madison Wisconsin | Baby Kira

By Anya Wait | October 28, 2013

Check it! I blogged again! Now I feel like a super-hero well deserving of those Wonder Woman Underoos I am still on the look out for. I have to admit, I LOVE all babies, but a baby with a full head hair? I get pretty darn excited about.

Middleton Wisconsin Newborn Photographer | Kinsi

By Anya Wait | October 24, 2013

Alright, I’ll admit it. I am a terrible blogger. I realized this evening while going through my images files that I have photographed over 30 babies and families since my last blog post! Bad photographer! Anyhow, meet one of my sweet baby plan babes. I love baby planners. That means I know I get to spend an entire year cuddling their sweetness! I always look forward to every session. I love watching my babies and families grow.

Twin Portrait Photographer Madison Wisconsin | Twice the Love

By Anya Wait | August 24, 2013

I am so honored to be a part of the lives of so many new families here in Central Wisconsin. For this newborn portrait session I was showered with twice the love — twin baby girls! They were welcomed by their sweet older sister who was super excited to show me how much she loves them.

Newborn Photographer Oregon Wisconsin

By Anya Wait | August 18, 2013

Back in the “day” (circa 2007/2008) when I first started out, I only photographed in black and white. Being a natural light newborn photographer, going to peoples homes, unsure of the lighting situations I was getting into, it was just easier to focus on how the light hit the baby instead of worrying about all of the other issues that go into newborn portrait photography. Then in 2011 I had the honor of going to a workshop hosted by the fabulous Baby as Art — amazing newborn photographers who encouraged and inspired me to do what I love, hang out and photograph babies. Since then I have offered my clients both color and black and white, and I have found a new love for color. Sometimes, however, I just feel like sticking to good ‘ol black and white. Meet baby Nolan. He totally rocked his session.

Newborn Photography Fitchburg Wisconsin

By Anya Wait | August 15, 2013

I have now photographed each and every one of these sweet children as newborns. Meet the newest little member, baby D. When looking for a newborn photographer, trusting someone with experience is key. That, and someone who obsessively loves babies. Which clearly, is a trait I posess.

Newborn Photographer Ridgeway Wisconsin

By Anya Wait | August 15, 2013

Meet sweet baby Cullen. He is one of my sweet Baby Planners, which means I get to see him again in just a few short months. And he lives on a farm. Which makes sessions all the more fun! I am already planning on how to incorporate his awesome red barn into his one year session. hehehe …

Cottage Grove Newborn Photographer | Owen

By Anya Wait | July 16, 2013

Meet sweet baby Owen. At this point in time, I imagine he is a sweet bubbly 4 month old. Since I am behind in my blogging, we are going back in time to meet his sweet, cuddly, soft, loveable newborn “ness.”

Sun Prairie Wisconsin Newborn Photographer

By Anya Wait | July 7, 2013

I had the distinct pleasure of welcoming sweet baby Remy and his family into my home for his newborn session. In spite of the fact that he was approaching 3 weeks old by the time I was able to squeeze him in for a session, he slept like, well, like a baby.