Maternity and Family Photography Session in Middleton, Wisconsin

By Anya Wait | August 17, 2017

Welcoming a new baby when you have more than one child is definitely a family event!  This Milton, Wisconsin Family wanted beautiful family and maternity portraits to document welcoming their new baby girl.

Middleton Family Photo Session

By Anya Wait | November 30, 2016

Don’t you just love silly, cuddly, spontaneous love? Me too! Want to schedule your cuddly spontaneous family love photo session with me, anya wait photographer?

Madison Wisconsin Fresh 48 Photographer

By Anya Wait | July 28, 2016

A very brief glance into a First 48 Session. Those moments you cherish but soon forget. I love coming in and meeting fresh new babies and new families.

Dumbo Brooklyn Family Photographer | English Family

By Anya Wait | June 26, 2016

Well hello there! Long time no post for me. I have decided to make it my mission in the next month to post a blog post at least three times a week as I have so many gorgeous sessions from over the past two (gasp!) years that have not seen the light of my blog.

Madison Wisconsin Baby Photographer | Max at 8 Months

By Anya Wait | November 25, 2015

I have been lucky in the past few years to have some amazing clients move to amazing places, and have me come photograph them there!

Verona Wisconsin Pregnancy Session

By Anya Wait | July 31, 2015

A pregnancy session in a dog park?

Verona Wisconsin Baby Photographer

By Anya Wait | July 23, 2015

Check it out, I am blogging again! These little sweeties have been with me since each of them were born. Baby Plans are very popular in my business, and many clients choose baby plans to include newborn, 6-8 months, and one year sessions. Baby plans offer a way to guarantee your session with me as well as offer a discount on session fees and prints/products/digital file collections. Recognize these sisters? They have appeared a few times on my blog 🙂

Nashville Newborn Travel Photographer

By Anya Wait | July 18, 2015

Remember that one time, at band camp, when I actually put up a blog post? Well I have been in band (my junior high band actually played in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles!), but never really to actual band camp. And I have written blog posts, but obviously, as you can see, it’s uhhhh, been awhile. So here’s to posting! Lets see if we can make this an actual regular thing. One of the fun parts about my job is that I’ve been doing it so long, people actually ask me to travel to photograph them. As in get on a plane … and fly somewhere else. With my camera. Who knew!? A lovely friend of mine was having a baby about a year and a half ago (don’t judge, it takes a long time for me to put words on a computer) and asked my friends Sarah Ulrich of Uniquely You Photo , Heather Woodward of Artful Heart Photography , and myself to come to Nashville to photograph her newborn. And what did we say? We said YES! My part of this experience was to document the natural light (more lifestyle) version of this session. And jump on her…

Madison Wisconsin Baby Photographer

By Anya Wait | June 16, 2015

Hey check it! I wrote the book on (ok article) on newborn photography safety. Newborn safety can often be overlooked — I mean hey, look at all those adorably posed and stuffed newborns out there, yet it is very crucial to me as a professional dealing with very tiny ones. I take pride in providing my clients with not only amazing images, but images captured safely. Please make sure that whoever you hire to be your newborn photographer does the same. Feel free to click on the image below for some seriously adorable newborn images, as well as information on how I like to keep it safe both before and during your newborn session:

Verona WI Newborn Portraits

By Anya Wait | May 14, 2015

I have been photographing this beautiful family since oldest sister was born. They always choose my Baby Plan package which means I get to see everyone at least three times in one year … my favorite! Baby plans offer clients a discounted rate on session fees as well as prints/product, plus you are guaranteed documentation of your growing baby throughout the year. These two sisters absolutely cracked me up during their session. Who knew sisters could display such similar personalities starting from one week old … Check out docile vs. cheeky!